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Project "Cooperation for Development of Agriculture in the Trans-border Region" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Association of Danube River Municipalities "Danube"

The project whish the ADRM carried out aimed to study the Romanian experience in stimulating the agriculture and the modern farming practices, and to apply that knowledge in some of the Bulgarian Danube municipalities.

Overall objective: to maintain a long-term partnership on local level between the trans-border municipalities that are members or the Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube” and Federation of Employers in Oltenia Region – Craiova for implementation of common cross-border activities and initiatives.

Specific objective:Stimulating the development of the agriculture potential of the target municipalities as a peripheral trans-border region, through transfer of Romanian experience in the field of agriculture, local economical developmnet and planning.

The target communities were Belene, Svishtov, Nikopol, Tsenovo and Guliantsi.

Target groups:     

  • Businessmen from the target municipalities; 
  • Municipal experts; 
  • Municipal councilors; 
  • Agricultural farmers.

Main activities:
The employees in their administrations as well as representatives of the local farmers participated in series of work meetings, study visits and seminars. The other project activities include study and analysis of the Romanian experience and best practices in the legislative framework for encouraging farming and trade of farm products in the trans-border area, research of the opportunities for enhancement of the legislative framework in the Daube, printing of study results, etc.



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