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Project "Historical and cultural heritage - base for tourist development of Montana and Caracal" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Association of employment, training and alternative social activities-Montana BG

Duration of the action
12  months

Objectives of the action
Overall objective(s) To create the environmental conditions for the growing of all the economic actors linked with tourism in the area of Montana (Bulgaria) and Caracal (Romania) areas.

Specific objective
To design a cross-border territorial development plan carried out by an integrated network of public and private stakeholders aimed to promote an environmental friendly tourism based on natural, cultural and enogastronomic excellences. 

Municipality of Caracal

Target group(s)

  • Persons in charge of territorial tourist systems of the two involved territories 
  • At least 30 Local Policy makers of Cacaral and Montana areas
  • At least 6 Operators of Tourist Information Centre
  • At least 15 Local selected stakeholders active in tourist sectors

Final beneficiaries

  • SMEs in tourism sector
  • Employees in tourism sector
  • Tourists

Estimated results
Developing of a shared developing strategy in the field of environment friendly tourism;Increase the capability of opportunities absorption of both territories;To prepare both territories involved to front the challenges provided by the next CBC policies.

Main activities
WP 1 MANAGEMENT  Project Management/Designing a cross-border territorial development plan
WP 2 Designing cross-border specific tourist circuits based on territorial excellences  
WP 3 Designing a cross-border marketing and communication plan to launch the new “tourist product”
WP 4 Horizontal And Vertical Mainstreaming


In advance
Bulgaria-destined funds
Month focus

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