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Project "Logistic center to serve the cross border interests" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Montana 

Project objectives are:

The overall objective of the action is to enhance the social and economic cohesion in the region of the two cross-border municipalities of Montana and Caracal through increasing the capability of local and regional authorities and their socio-economic partners to develop and implement projects with clear cross-border impact

The specific objective is to establish a working “think tank” experts group which to have the capacity and to prepare a project pipeline of small scale investment projects with direct impact on the cross border economic development and in the future to foster further economic activities in the area of the two cross-border municipalities of Montana and Caracal and create the conditions for the enhancement of economic competitiveness. 

Partner(s): Municipality of Caracal, Romania

Target groups of the project are all stakeholders interested in the cross border social and economic cohesion – educational and cultural institutions, local businesses and business associations, NGOs, municipal institutions and regional and district representatives of national government.

Direct beneficiaries of the project results will be the local authorities of the two cross border municipalities – Montana and Caracal and their private and public partners interested in the social and economic cohesion in the region.

Final beneficiaries are the population and the wide public of the whole region covering the territories of the two municipalities as well as the other cross border regions and the national governments.

The expected results are:

  • Identified and local stakeholders capable to identify and initiate cross border investment projects in the field of ecotourism and environmental friendly agriculture. Established operational experts group, prepared for registration as an NGO;
  • Established and equipped office for the group;
  • Developed institutional framework for the future cross border operations of the experts group; 
  • Conducted preliminary marketing study for the products produced under the technology of organic farming; 
  • Developed design and conducted preliminary steps for the establishment of a similar group in Caracal; 
  • Brochure - Management activities.

This project proposal envisages the creation and the development of common business facilities and information networks – establishment of a specialized experts team with the chance it to be institutionalized, organization of cross-border business meetings, common market research and marketing activities, as well as some initial steps to the process of standard certification in order to ensure quality of products and services and strengthening of support services to businesses. The development and of joint cross-border tourism packages in combination with environmentally friendly agricultural products are also envisaged in the project.  

Several groups of activities are envisaged in the project proposal:

  • Establishment of the project team; 
  • Establishment of the project office and equipment of it for future operations as an experts team for project development; 
  • Identification of members of the experts group through a process of interviews and workshops;
  • Workshops for local and cross border stakeholders to identify fundable projects and priorities; 
  • Public awareness and publicity activities to ensure transparency and participation, as well as EU publicity;
  • Legal analysis of the opportunities .


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