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Beneficiary: Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School 

Target groups:

  • 15 students from General Secondary School “Tsar Simeon Veliki”;
  • 15 students from “Independenta” Secondary school;
  • 3 moderators of the working team from Bulgaria;
  • 3 teachers, guiding the students’ work from Romanian group. 

Final beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries of the results from the activity of the working teams:

  • 1226 students from “Tsar Simeon Veliki” Secondary School between the age of 8-19 years;
  • 839 students from “Independenta” Secondary school in Kalafat between the age of 14-19 years;
  • 90 teachers from “Tsar Simeon Veliki” Secondary School;
  • 79 teachers from “Independenta” Secondary school in Kalafat.

Indirect beneficiaries:

Students from other schools in Vidin and Kalafat;Teachers in other schools in Vidin and Kalafat;Parents;The local citizens in the districts of Vidin and Dolj;The local mass media in both regions;Youth formations on the territory of Vidin and Kalafat. 

Main activities:

  • Activity 1 Preparatory stage and Team establishing - Transperant and qualitative selection of 30 students, participants in the working team and increased acquaintance with the information about the aims of the project and the contribution of the European Union to all the students and teachers from both schools.
  • Activity 2 Mass-media campaign - Promotion of the financial aid of EU and rise of the aims amd priorities of the Joint Small Projects Fund for Cross-Border Cooperation between Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Activity 3 Implementation of workshops – workshops held in both countries Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Activity 4 Final presentation – carried out in Bulgaria, Vidin with participation of 30 Nos. students and 10 Nos. teachers from the teams of both schools.
  • Activity 5 Preparation and distribution of publications – catalogues/Eco-calendars, brochures, advertising pens, advertising cards, advertising calendars, advertising tourist rucksacks, advertising t-shirts, advertising caps.
  • Activity 6 Final stage – Final inner report for each of the partners, Final technical report, Final financial report.

The expected results are:

  • Establishment of sustainable students’ structure – cross-border eco-club;  
  • Increased awareness of students and local society about cross border eco initiatives  are observed in the clearing campaigns, organized under the project activities;
  • Approval of the good practices of educational exchange between students and teachers from both schools; 
  • Creation of joint products – leaflets, catalogues, eco-calendar, reports, performance, presentations.


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