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Nickolay Mladenov: It is very dangerous to accumulate euroscepticism

The Bulgarian MEP Nickolay Mladenov (EPP-ED - GERB) considers as "pure populism" the decision of the Bulgarian National Assembly to support the idea of new talks with the European Commission about the opportunity to relaunch units 3 and 4 of Kozloduy nuclear power plant.

According him the main issue is how Bulgaria to ensure not to be dependent on energy supplies only by one provider - Russia. Mladenov suggested some options to deal with the issue - by "more oil pipes, more effective energy sector, bigger oil/gas depot and a terminal for condensed-gas".

The MEP said that the affected Member States of the EU should seek compensations from Russia, not from the European Commission. "I also suggest that the countries hit most by crisis, in this case consider Bulgaria, must lead debate on the common energy policy of the EU, not to follow it."

Nickolay Mladenov participated in some 90 minutes online discussion with the users of the Bulgarian Europe Gateway from Member States of the EU. The discussion coveredall challenges which the European Union is facing in its foreign policy.

The online-discussion is organized within a series of similar internet discussions on topical European issues, organized by the "Now - Interacting with the European Parliament!" initiative (, financially supported by the EU.

The users sent their questions and expressed opinions in English and Bulgarian languages through the platform Over 60 participants from all Member States joined the discussion.

The full transcript of the chat with the MEP Nickolay Mladenov has been published in "Interactive" section in the web site of the initiative "Now - Interacting with the European Parliament!".

Here we offer you a resume of the topics covered by the discussion with Mr. Nickolay Mladenov.

The users PavelA and lestat brought up the question about the Common Economic Space between the EU and Russia and opportunities to be built common European energy market.

The MEP reminded that Russia still is not a member of the WTO. "Yes, there should be one market in Europe... Studies have not proven that this leads to reducing prices (see UK). In other cases it would not make sense if all the gas comes through one pipeline (see Bulgaria). For me the first question is to create better condition to access other suppliers".

Journalists also sent many questions to the MEP. In the evening after the discussion the regional branch of the Bulgarian National Television in Russe BNT-Russe aired a special news coverage from the event (watch the news coverage here).

Mladenov said that he believes that in the end Hamas bares the responsibility for the escalation of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. "The questions for the proportionality of the actions is inseparable, but Hamas remains a terrorist organization... It's a pity that Fatah split up. I believe that they all should unite for Palestinian autonomy and thus be able to achieve more", said Mladenov. The MEP advised Hamas to look no further than Iraq, to understand that when movements renounce their military force, they are more effective and achieve more. "It's saddening that today wars are won by showing dead bodies on the media".

The participant Rvessel continued the discussion with the future enlargement of EU towards the Western Balkans. "EU has common policy towards the region, mostly to give perspective to all countries to be part of the block when they are ready. It is important to keep the perspective and to help those countries, because they are in need of lot of help", believes Mladenov. On the subject of FYROM name dispute, he said that "Greece entered in a big trap years ago with the name topic and now it will be hard to get free from it". Mladenov thinks that there should be a compromise, which is in the interest of the people of Macedonia and the entire Balkans. The MEP once again stated his determination to work on the issue of Danube bridge tolls, "because a reduction of 25% does not really represent the money which the country has invested in the bridge".

Mladenov commented that it is very dangerous to try to accumulate euroscepticism in the society. "Whatever the goals behind this are, every euroscepticism is a cover for lack of will and capability to solve the real problems. It's again somebody else's fault!"

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