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The citizens of Versailles: about the EP, the EU, the elections, the future... (video-recording)

On April 2, 2009 a discussion under this topic took place in Versailles - France. The debate was held in the "Eagles Saloon" of the Versailles Municipal Council.

The French partners along the project, Yvelines Radio, played host to the discussion. The events in Versailles and Paris allowed us to meet the winner in the contest “Europe beyond the sugar cubes and on the eve of elections 2009”. His name is Matthew Rushworth. He started his statement in French but continued in English, sharing his opinion on whether the next EP mandate would make Europe for us sweeter, saltier, bitterer or tasteless.

Here we are offering you a video-recording from this event. It is published into several parts. To see the whole recording, please click HERE and browse through the Bulgarian-language videos.  

To learn more, click the following links:

Pictures Gallery from the event in Versailles

Radio-broadcast “My MEP and Me – a real or virtual dialogue”

Reportage in French from the event (in French language)

This has been the closing installment in the project Now – interacting with the European Parliament carried out by the European Institute with the financial support of the General Directorate Communication at the European Parliament.

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