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EPP Manifesto: "We are Europe's driving force"

"For the first time, a centre-right manifesto for the European elections has been co-signed by our friends from Central and Eastern Europe. Five years after the European reunification which the EPP has always called for, and twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall which heralded the fall of socialism and communism, the EPP is leading the way to the future", said Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, the strongest and most influential political group in the European Parliament - and the only group assembling Members from all 27 Member States in its ranks.

Speaking to the Heads of Government and EPP member parties assembled in Warsaw on 29 and 30 April to adopt the Centre-Right Manifesto for the European Elections, Joseph Daul underlined: "We are Europe's driving force!".

"We are in power in 19 out of 27 EU Member States; we lead the European Commission and the European Parliament. We are acting decisively to overcome the current crisis and to come back as quickly as possible to economic growth and sustainable jobs. Contrary to the Socialists, who are contending themselves with slogans and rhetoric, contrary to the Greens, who know nothing else but dreams, and contrary to the nationalists, who wish to take us back to the worst times of our history, we are working in today's world and for tomorrow's goals, actively and responsibly", said Daul.

Joseph Daul reminded the EPP Congress that it had been responsible politicians from the EPP political family who had stopped the war in Georgia, who had called for and obtained new ethical and legal rules for the financial markets. "We are proving that Europe can deliver as long as Europe wants to deliver."

In conclusion, Daul called upon all European citizens to make their choice on June 7. "Every citizen counts, every voice and every vote counts. I am convinced that Europeans will hear and welcome the message of solidarity and responsibility the EPP is sending today from Warsaw."


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