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About the implementing organizations - project "Interacting with the EP"

The communication campaign "Interacting with the European Parliament" is implemented by the European Institute, the Centre for Policy Modernization, Europe Gateway and "Radio Bulgaria" - BNR with the financial support of the EP's Directorate General "Communication".

The European Institute

The European Institute is a non governmental organization, founded in April 1999 in response to Bulgaria’s increased efforts at speeding up the process of preparation for European Union membership. Throughout the first stage of its development, it provided support to the process of Bulgaria's preparation for accession to the EU. After that national strategic goal was achieved, the European Institute has continued working towards Bulgaria's accelerated and complete integration into the European structures, and also towards enabling the Bulgarian society to effectively participate in the process of formulation and implementation of European policies.

Center for Policy Modernisation

The Centre for Policy Modernisation is a non-profit civil organisation, dealing with the policies, connected to the overall development of the economy, the public sector management, education, science, culture and technologies, as well as with elaborating concepts, strategies and models for their development and modernisation, in line with the world globalisation processes and the membership of Bulgaria into the European Union.

Europe Gateway

Gateway "Europe" created in 2003 provides information and analyses concerning the European policies and the Bulgarian participation in them and also mediates in the debate about the purposes and the directions of the social development. The Bulgarian membership in EU represents a challenge for the capacity of the institutions. Gateway "Europe" performs a permanent monitoring and analyses of their activities thus supporting their effectiveness -which is in favour of the civil society.

Radio Bulgaria – the world service of the Bulgarian National Radio

For seventy years the world service of the Bulgarian radio, now called Radio Bulgaria, has been presenting the country’s cultural and national identity to the world. It is a principal source of information from and about Bulgaria for millions of listeners outside its borders. And this is corroborated by the enormous amount of feedback from people of all continents – people who have been listening to us for years, but also more and more newcomers to Radio Bulgaria. This multimillion listening audience is Radio Bulgaria’s best collective correspondent.

The already established partnerships continue in a sustainable way – with networks such as PASOS, CHALLENGE, the Balkan Communication Network, the Local Development Booster, as well as with the Europe Direct Information Centers.

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