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Political strategy of the Spanish EU Presidency

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On January 1, 2010, Spain will assume, for the fourth time, the Presidency of the European Union. It is a key moment, not only for Europe but for the whole international society.

Listen to the viewpoint of Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain. (Moratinos Politica Estrategia 2020)

For six months, Spain will be in charge of the political leadership of the Union in a global environment marked by many challenges: the financial and economic crisis we have been experiencing; the need to manage the outcome of the recent Copenhagen conference to combat climate change; the updating of the transatlantic agenda to lay the foundations of a stronger and more effective cooperation with the US administration and address, jointly, the global challenges of the 21st century; a European Commission and a reformed European Parliament; and finally, the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, which was approved by a large majority in the Irish referendum on October 3rd.

More about the Spanish priorities - here.

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