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The European Training Foundation is one of the agencies of the European Union. The establishment of the agencies was driven by the need for new specialised bodies to deal with a number of specific issues. Their location across the European Union was made in an attempt to bring the Union closer to its citizens. The European Training Foundation is located in Turin, Italy and started its activities in January 1995.

The Foundation was established with the purpose of promoting cooperation and co-ordination of assistance in the field of vocational training reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States and Mongolia (called the partner countries).

In addition, the Foundation provides technical assistance for the implementation of the TEMPUS Programme for cooperation between the European Union and these countries in the field of higher education.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to contribute to the reform of the vocational training systems of the partner countries;
  • to promote effective cooperation in this field between the EU and the partner countries;
  • to contribute to the coordination of international donor assistance; and
  • to give technical assistance to the European Commission for the implementation of the TEMPUS Programme.

The European Training Foundation operates mainly in the framework of the EU's PHARE and TACIS Programmes of assistance and partnership with the partner countries. It also supports other bi or multilateral programmes and activities.

The scope of activities of the Foundation covers the vocational training field, comprising initial and continuing vocational training as well as retraining for young people and adults, including management training, as follows:

  • providing assistance in the definition of training needs and priorities;
  • providing information on current activities and future needs;
  • examining potential joint training ventures, including their design and preparation;
  • implementing programmes;
  • assisting in the monitoring and evaluation of training assis tance;
  • disseminating information and exchanges of experience.

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