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Project "Planning and designing Bulgarian-Romanian RURAL MARKETS. The “Rural market”" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Chamber of commerce and Industry Vratsa

November 2007 - November 2008

The total amount of the budget is  41 040 euro with co-financing by CCI Vratsa amounting to 4186.08 euro.

The partners
of CCI Vratsa in the project implementation are the Association for Quality ensurance - ASCALITAT Dolj, Romania and Vratsa Municipality.   

The overall objective of the project is regional transnational cooperation for the valorisation and promotion of the rural markets in the Danube region and the inclusion and accession of that rural markets to those concerned by EU Community programmes and networks.

Under the project will be identified the necessary circumstances for establishing of rural markets in the cross-border regions, using the existing best practices of EU.    All key stakeholders (agro-producers, farmers, traders, agro-specialist and public institutions will be involved in the process of planning.

As final activities will be identifying the potential places for establishing of rural markets in the both cross-border regions and preparing of feasibility study to check the market viability.

With the present project CCI Vratsa in the partnership with Association for Quality ensurance - ASCALITAT Dolj, Romania and Vratsa Municipality aims to support the economic development in Vratsa and Dolj district through stimulation of the production and trade of agriculture goods. The prepared under the project analysis will be used when it’s necessary for drawing up projects under structural fund of EU. 

e-mail: cci-vr@bitex.com


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