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Project "Capacity Building of Small Business in Silistra and Calarasi Regions After Accession into the European Union" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Microfond Sofia Foundation-branch Silistra 

The overall objective
of the project aims at increasing the capacity of the micro, small companies and farmers/stock breeders from Silistra and Calarasi regions after accession of Bulgaria and Romania into the European Union in order to encourage their competitiveness and to contribute to the further socio-economic development of the border region.

Direct project beneficiaries are more than 50 small companies and farmers/stock breeders on both sides of the border with similar or complementary activities. Part of the entrepreneurs has established close business contacts due to their participation in the trainings in Silistra and Calarasi. In the framework of the project the information brochure on the European Structural Funds and other useful information has been prepared available to more than 200 Bulgarian and Romanian entrepreneurs.

Expected results:     

  • Informed small companies and farmers/stock-breeders from the border region about the challenges and opportunities after the accession into the EU; 
  • Trained small companies how to use the ESF and other programs and crediting institutions; 
  • Elaboration of business project ideas; 
  • New establisged business partnerships in the border region Silistra-Calarasi; 
  • Elaboration of thematic brochure on the ESF, useful addresses and microcrediting institutions, European requirements for the business;

e-mail: viva@ngorc.net


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