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The European Institute is an independent policy centre, founded in April 1999 in response to Bulgaria’s increased efforts at speeding up the process of preparing for EU membership. EU accession is an overarching priority for Bulgaria and demands the concerted efforts of both government agencies and society at large.
The mission of the European Institute is to support the efforts of governmental and non-governmental agencies to successfully prepare Bulgaria for EU membership through research, technical assistance, raising public awareness and training.

contact person: Daniela Penkova
Centre for Policy Modernization has been working in close collaboration with the Government of Bulgaria in regard to the implementation of the government’s policy for development of the ICT infrastructure in the public sector and for public administration modernization.

contact person: Anna Paskaleva
EUROPEUM is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan organization established by a new generation of Czech scholars and experts. Its main focus is on European issues and consequences of the EU enlargement by former communist countries. Europeum strives through its research activities to contribute to long-lasting democracy, security, stability, freedom and solidarity across Europe, especially in its Eastern and Central parts. Europeum contributes to the needed internal reforms in the Czech Republic in order to facilitate its full-fledged membership in the EU as well as the respected position of the Czech Republic among other EU countries.

contact person: Lucas Pachta

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