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News & Events / Analyses

29-10-2012 • News & Events / Analyses

Interview with Der Spiegel Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, conducted by Michael Sauga and Anne Seith on 22 October, published 29 October 2012

SPIEGEL: President Draghi, do you have a savings account? Draghi: Yes. SPIEGEL: Do you know how much interest you are getting? Draghi: Around 1.75%, that's the current rate on savings in Italy. SPIEGEL: The rate on a German savings account is even lower than that. The returns are not anywhere near sufficient to make up for rising prices. Are savers picking up the...
17-03-2011 • News & Events / Analyses

The European Union's response to the earthquake and nuclear plant situation in Japan

Since the devastating earthquake which struck Japan on Friday 11 March, the European Union is fully mobilised to translate its solidarity in concrete support. On 11 March, President Barroso and President Van Rompuy issued the following statement: "We are deeply concerned at the news of the devastating earthquake which has struck Japan, causing a number of fatalities and...

Hungary's other deficit

Published at 12-01-2011 from Portal Europe
By The Economist The rotating presidency of the European Union is, mercifully, a much-diminished affair, as a result of the Lisbon treaty. Gone are the days when countries chairing EU meetings for six months would try to outdo each other with lavish events, fine cuisine and communiqués praising their pet obsessions. Summits are now more humdrum, held in Brussels and...
10-11-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Commission sets out options on future cohesion policy

The Commission's 5th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion published today shows that the EU's cohesion policy has made a significant contribution to growth and prosperity and promoting balanced development across the Union. Nevertheless, in view of the substantial economic and social developments over recent years, the policy now has to address new...
10-11-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Commission presents its new energy strategy towards 2020

The Commission today presented its new strategy for a competitive, sustainable and secure energy. The Communication "Energy 2020" defines the energy priorities for the next ten years and sets the actions to be taken in order to tackle the challenges of saving energy, achieving a market with competitive prizes and secure supplies, boosting technological leadership, and...
27-10-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Most young people in France, Spain and the United Kingdom do not support violence.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is publishing results from a survey of 3,000 Muslim and non-Muslim young people about their experiences of and attitudes towards discrimination, social marginalisation and violence. The results indicate that in the three Member States where the survey took place (France, Spain and the United Kingdom) most young people -...
25-10-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Hungary: the colours after disaster

Commissioner Georgieva's Blog: I had long planned a visit to Hungary, to discuss my policy proposal for strengthening our disaster response with the upcoming EU Presidency. Then, the accident in Ajka happened, and response to this specific disaster took central stage. The place to talk about it was not a conference room, but the affected area, still covered in sludge....
20-09-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Best way to stop Roma exclusion

Bulgarian MEP ( BG/EPP) and ex minister of Foreign Affairs, Nadezhda Neynsky (Mikh¬aylova), made last week a proposal, to support the Roma in their effort to integrate in the European societies, reports the New Europe. The new idea was presented and discussed with the European Peoples Party leadership, ahead of the party's summit in view of the European Council. Mm...
17-09-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Conclusions of the European Council, September 16, Brussels

The European Council discussed how to give new momentum to the Union's external relations, taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Lisbon Treaty. It agreed on the need for to promote its interests and values more assertively and in a spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit. As a first step, it set general orientations with a view to a number of...
07-09-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Letter by President Barroso to the Members of the European Parliament

Letter by President of the European Commission Barroso to the Members of the European Parliament, September 7, 2010, Strasbourg "Dear President Buzek, One year ago I presented my political guidelines for the next five years to the European Parliament and I proposed a special relationship between the Parliament and the Commission. I am pleased to see that in the few short...
30-06-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mladenov will attend a public presentation of the priorities of the Belgian EU Presidency

The European Institute Foudnation is organizing a public presentation of the priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the EU, with the participation of Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mr. Nickolay Mladenov and the Ambassador of Belgium to Bulgaria, H.E. Mr. Marc Michielsen. The event is scheduled for Monday - July 5 2010, at 11 h. Bulgarian time and will take place in the "Sredetz"...
18-06-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

US Ambassador on the Bulgarian media

Statement by Ambassador James B. Warlick, made at the roundtable on media, organized in Sofia on June 18, 2010, by the Konrad Adenauer and the Democracy Foundations. I am honored to be invited here to join in the discussion of this important issue. As an American diplomat, I pride myself on the historical role my country played in championing the ideal of the free press. As...
07-05-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Bulgarian TV channel PROBG starts airing Monday a series of EP-related discussions

A series of four thematic TV programs, recorded at the European Parliament's TV-studio in Brussels, will be aired on the Bulgarian private TV channel PROBG starting Monday, 10 May 2010. Each Monday of the month of May (namely, May 10, 17, 24 and 31) will be aired one discussion of this four-part series. The starting date has been selected with the idea to be as close as...
02-05-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Irina Bokova, Unesco's First lady (Article by

Irina Bokova's office is at the extremity of one of the arms of the star shaped Head Quarters of Unesco. The plush corridors leading to her office are lined with an impressive selection of modern art. For an organisation defined as the ‘conscience of the world’, this is hardly surprising. Ushered in just minutes after a meeting with the Minister of Culture of...
21-04-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Presentation of the book “EU 2020: civic vision” on Thursday in Paris

EU enlargement will be the main theme of the round table on April 22 in Paris, where the book "EU 2020: CIVIC VISION" will be presented. The event will start at 11.30am local time (12.30pm - Bulgarian time), in the hall of the Information Office of the European Parliament in Paris - 288, Saint Germain Blvd. The round table is organised by the Bulgarian foundations...
31-03-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Maroš Šefčovič: The European Citizens' Initiative will take the EU outside of the 'Brussels beltway'

Comment by Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President for Inter-institutional Relations and Administration, given to Europe Gateway by the EC Representation in Bulgaria. For the first time ever, members of the public will be able to call directly for new European laws, under a proposal being made today/on Wednesday by the European Commission. From the...
13-02-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

February 15 – anniversary of the start of Bulgaria’s accession negotiations with the EU

On Monday Bulgaria marks the 10-th anniversary since the beginning of the negotiations for European Union membership. The official opening of the negotiations process was on 15 February 2000, when the first sitting of the Inter-governmental Accession Conference took place in Brussels. In fact, on this day, the European Union formally opened the membership procedure for six...
10-02-2010 • News & Events / Analyses

Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Androulla Vassiliou: "My priorities"

The article is provided by Commissionner Vasiliou's spokesperson through the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria. A translation of the text is available on the Bulgarian-language version of this website. My main priorities as Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth will concentrate on those areas where we can make a difference in...
30-12-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Spain's EU presidency to be 'eminently Euro-Mediterranean'

By Juan Carlos Gafo, Spain’s Ambassador in Lebanon. Published in The Daily Star newspaper. On January 1, 2010, Spain will assume, for the fourth time, the Presidency of the European Union. It is a key moment, not only for Europe but for the whole international society. For six months, Spain will be in charge of the political leadership of the Union in a global...
29-12-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

"We have brought the EU back on track"

Economic and financial crisis, disagreement on the climate change issue, institutional insecurity and government crisis in the country holding the Presidency at the time, the Czech Republic. When Sweden took over the Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers in 2009, the challenges were many. Looking back on a hectic autumn, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt notes that...
08-10-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Danuta Huebner: Europe needs real investment in the border areas

Today, during the online discussion organized by Europe Gateway as part of the Interacting with the European Parliament Project, the Chair of the Committee on Regional Development in EP, Danuta Huebner commented on different topics, related to the regional policy and the future of EU. Answering a question about the future regional development commissioner with regard to...
07-10-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Thursday 14.00 o'clock CET, An Online Discussion with Danuta Hübner

EUROPE Gateway invites all its readers from Bulgaria and Europe to participate in an online discussion with Polish MEP Danuta Hübner (EPP), chair of the Regional Development Committee of the European Parliament and former European Commissioner of Regional Development The chat will last 30 minutes and the working language of the discussion is English. The discussion is...
30-09-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Hans-Gert Pöttering: Commissioners should be Experienced and Have a Good Relation with the European Parliament

In the EUROPE Gateway online discussion, the German MEP Hans-Gert Pöttering (EPP), former president of the European Parliament said: "Turkish membership is one thing, membership of countries, for instance on the Balkans, is another question. Before any enlargement we need the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty." He confirmed that the position of the governing Christian...
28-09-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Online Discussion with Former EP President Hans-Gert Pöttering on Wednesday, September 30

EUROPE Gateway invites all its readers from Bulgaria and Europe to participate in an online discussion with German MEP Hans-Gert Pöttering (EPP), former president of the European Parliament. The topic of the discussion is "The Position of Germany in the European Union after the National Parliamentary Elections". The online discussion is planned for September 30,...
14-09-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Online-chat on Barroso’s re-election as EC President: 17 September, 12.00 Brussels time (13.00 in Sofia)

„The political dimensions of the election of a new European Commission by the EP.” This is the topic of a forthcoming online-discussion on Europe Gateway with leading political analyst Piotr Maciej Kaczynski, research fellow at the Center for European Political Studies CEPS. The chat on is scheduled for...
11-09-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

A new set of analytical papers on topical European issues

Europe Gateway, together with the European Institute Foundation and the Center for Policy Modernization Foundation, are presenting a set of new analyses and commentaries, focusing on different topics, which are at the European agenda in this new political season. The analytical texts are published in the "Analyses" section of the interactive website
02-04-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Poor physical state of Sofia is symbolic of a deeper malaise, Irish times says

By Irish Times. Concern has been expressed at the level of organised crime in Bulgaria, with cause, writes MICHAEL FOLEY FOUR YEARS is a long time in the life of presidents. In 2005 President Georgi Parvanov of Bulgarian visited Dublin, partly to lobby on behalf of his country's entry to the EU as there was a lot of talk at the time that Bulgaria's accession should be...
31-03-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

The “Now – interacting with the European Parliament” initiative organizes public events in France

The team of the “Now – interacting with the European Parliament” initiative is organizing two public discussions in France – the first is in Versailles and will be held on April 2 under the motto “The MEPS, the citizens, the solutions”; the second in Paris on April 3 – “My MEP and me – is the dialogue real or virtual?”...
27-03-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

Crisis 'not helping' Eurosceptics gain consensus

By EurActiv The global economic crisis, which has severely hit Central and Eastern Europe, does not appear to have strengthened the positions of various extremist and Eurosceptic political groups there, shows a round-up by EurActiv's network in the region. Having launched a comprehensive EU elections section a year before the 2009 ballot, EurActiv has been at the...
20-03-2009 • News & Events / Analyses

A new colonialism

The Economist The Bulgarians want European help running their government BULGARIA'S entry into the European Union was delayed by worries over corruption, organised crime and slow judicial reform. When it and Romania joined in 2007, the European Commission was given a "mechanism for co-operation and verification" that lets it monitor reforms and impose sanctions. It duly...
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