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             Regular reports of the EC - Докладите на Европейската комисия относно напредъка на страните-кандидатки в подготовката им за членство се изготвят ежегодно.
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         Jochen Friedrich's Open Blog - Reflections on life, openness, and standardization Jochen Friedrich: I live happily in the Rhein-Neckar region in Southwest Germany.
         European Innovation - Analysis and comments about European innovation, transformation and renewal. Ann Mettler is executive director and co-founder of The Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank and policy network. Prior to founding the organization at age 32, Ann served as Director for Europe at the World Economic Forum.
         Michael Geist's Blog - Dr. Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law. He has obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees from Cambridge University in the UK and Columbia Law School in New York, and a Doctorate in Law (J.S.D.) from Columbia Law School.
         In The Agora - In The Agora (ITA) is a weblog by seven writers. It’s an interactive online journal, with the most recent entry on top. Among other things, ITA focuses on current events, culture, faith, science and more. The Agora, the civic center and marketplace, was one of the most important parts of an ancient city of Greece. In addition to being a place where people gathered to buy and sell all kinds of commodities, it was also a place where people assembled to discuss all kinds of topics: politics, business, current events, or the nature of the universe and the divine. While you’re “In The Agora,” we hope you find the same diverity of discussion and interaction.
         Michael's List - Where East Meets West Michael's List - Mouskouri's pension; Kosovo or EU; NATO worries, Russia; Georgian Opposition; FIFA rankings; Eirinaios's museum; St. Gregory, Theosis
         Different People – One Europe! - This Blog has been created to share information about the different actions that will happen throughout the implementation of the “Different People – One Europe!” – project promoting intercultural understanding and mutual respect. The main idea is to support young people to engage actively and carry out intercultural actions. Some of these include productions such as concerts, video interviews, music, theater, in-school activities, etc.). Over 30 localities will join in organizing a variety of campaigning activities that positively reinforce that all people are different and should be respected.
         Vilhelm Konnander's weblog - I am a specialist on politics and security in Russia and Eastern Europe. These are strictly my personal views and do not in any way represent positions of any private or public interests.
         Euroblog - Welcome to my personal blog – it’s here that I outline my views on EU and social democratic politics, technology and my sporting activity. I’ve been blogging since Summer 2005, making this one of the longest running blogs about EU affairs.
         @ribo - Liberating spaces Hi! My name is Alejandro Ribó. I am a technologically active political analyst, campaigner for freedom of information in Europe and lecturer on EU decision-making and negotiations.
         New Political Communication Unit - The Unit's core research team includes its Co-Directors - Professor Andrew Chadwick and Dr Ben O'Loughlin - together with Akil Awan, Dr James Sloam, and Dr Oliver Heath. Graduate Researchers currently include Lawrence Ampofo, Christopher Boerl, and Chris Perkins. The Unit's network inside Royal Holloway incorporates academic staff from the Department of Politics and International Relations, the Department of Media Arts, the School of Management, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Computer Science. For details, see the People section.
         Talking about the EU - My name is Antonia and I’m a British citizen who has been working for the European Commission since 1995. Since 2003 I’ve been involved on the media side, as a Spokesperson, most recently for Science and Research, and now as Head of Media in our London office.
         Martin Westlake - I was appointed on 1st October 2008 as the Secretary General of the European Economic and Social Committee. I’ll update this blog with details of the work that I am doing for the Committee, and plenty more besides.
         Bente Kalsnes' blog - I’m a Norwegian freelance journalist based in Brussels. Digital media and culture is my passion, and that insane wide topic is the theme of this blog.
         europaeum - .. blogging for a better europe europaeum (previously named “europolit” and “A European’s persepective”) started as one of my many attempts for a private weblog in January 2007 in which at its beginning I only covered random and personal, I’d now say boring, things. Most of these old posts have been censored deleted already, as I restarted blogging this spring. I’m now trying to focus on more political and European stuff as the name suggests but haven’t really decided on what exactly I’ll be focussing my articles. You see, Europe and the European Union is too diverse to exclude potentially interesting stories from being published here. So please bear with me.
         Watching Europe - I am a young European cosmopolitan, largely ignoring that below "European Union" my passport lists Germany. I have lived in several East and West European countries and I feel home everywhere on the continent. After different posts in scientific, (international) governmental, and non-governmental organisations, I am now working as a political scientist. In this blog, I am "Watching Europe" with the eyes of a European citizen, and this citizenship doesn't stop at the EU borders.
         Brussels Comment - An independent, no-nonsense, non-party-political, insider's & outsider's blog on European Union policy and the workings of the Eurobubble. I have been working in the Brussels Eurobubble for several years. It's been a fascinating learning experience; I try to share some of that with readers. My main interests lie in the dynamics of influence, in policy, and in procedure. But I like to keep an eye on major international developments and the odd bit of local Brussels (the city and the Eurobubble) gossip. I hope you enjoy my blog; all comments are welcome!
         Writing for (y)EU - Welcome to Writing for (y)EU. This is the collective blog of the Web-team of the European Parliament. This is NOT an official European Parliament website. Which means that whatever is expressed in those pages, it DOES NOT reflect in any way the position of the European Parliament.
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