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Library / Bulgaria-destined funds

27-06-2012 • Library / Bulgaria-destined funds

Mihail Dimitru: We have to involve the stakeholders in the process of negotiation

1. Please introduce yourself? I am Mihail Dimitru and I am director in the European Commission, Directorate-General "Agriculture and Rural Development". And I am in charge of the rural development programs. 2. What are the main lessons of the past of the CAP? We learned a lot of lessons in the past of the CAP. We learned that success also has sometimes some negative elements...
05-12-2008 • Library / Bulgaria-destined funds

Copy of The Bulgarian National Vine and Wine Chamber opens a tender on promotion of wine as an EU value

INVITATION TO TENDER, SERVICES PROCUREMENT NOTICE The Bulgarian National Vine and Wine Chamber invites interested parties to tender as the Implementation Body for a project called ‘Promoting the EU Value Proposition for Wine’ which will undertake a synergistic series of promotion and information measures designed to increase sales of the specific Regional Wines from...
01-07-2008 • Library / Bulgaria-destined funds

Copy of A comment on the introduction of an EU-funds “hotline” with Deputy PM Plugtschieva

By Juliana Nikolova, Director of the European Institute. A public hotline was opened to Deputy PM Plugtschieva’s office on June 23, the Government Information Service announced. On the sixtieth day since her appointment in charge of the EU Funds absorption, she committed herself to responding to citizens’ complaints, concerns and questions, related to the EU Funds...
23-04-2008 • Library / Bulgaria-destined funds


Rumiana Jeleva, Bulgarian MEP, became member of the internal working group of the EPP-ED fraction in the EP Committee on Regional Development which will closely monitor the control over the Structural Funds spending. "We are going to focus on the possible reasons leading to inadequate spending of the Euromoney, starting from the tender procedures and overseeing also the...
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