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16-07-2010 • Simple / Highlights

European e-Justice internet portal offers quick answers to citizens’ legal questions

An Italian travelling in Germany needs a lawyer. A French entrepreneur wants to search the Hungarian land register. An Estonian judge has a question about the Spanish court system. At the moment, it may take weeks to get this information. Answers to these questions - in 22 European Union languages - will be a click away. The EU today launched the European e-Justice portal -...
26-05-2010 • Simple / Highlights

Two meetings, part of "We make Europe simple", held in March and April

At the end of March and in April the first Italian group, consisting of representatives from the local community of Trentino, had a number of meeting with their Bulgarian counterparts. The participants to the seminar “We Make Europe Simple” were addressed in a speech by Mr Enzio Peraro – director of the Italian Institute in Sofia. After the seminar there was...
17-05-2010 • Simple / Highlights

Strategic Choices for the Implementation of the New EU Competence in the Field of Sport: EU-wide public consultation

On 1 December 2009, the Lisbon Treaty entered into force. As a result, the role of the EU in the field of sport acquired a new dimension. Article 165 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union provides the EU with a new competence aimed at developing the European dimension in sport. The Treaty text calls on the EU to promote European sporting issues, notably by...
22-04-2010 • Simple / Highlights

Europe 2020 – European Citizens and the EU institutions

On April 26, Monday, 11.00h, at the Information Office of the European Parliament in Milano will be held the final presentation of the book “Europe 2020: Civic Vision”( . It summarizes the two-year campaign “Interacting with the European Parliament”, implemented by the...
03-03-2010 • Simple / Highlights

Commission proposes new economic strategy in Europe

The European Commission has launched today the Europe 2020 Strategy to go out of the crisis and prepare EU economy for the next decade. The Commission identifies three key drivers for growth, to be implemented through concrete actions at EU and national levels: smart growth (fostering knowledge, innovation, education and digital society), sustainable growth (making our...
09-02-2010 • Simple / Highlights

President Barroso’s new team wins backing from parliament

MEPs approved 26 candidates for the European commission today, enabling President Barroso’s new team to get down to business. The vote was 488 in favour, 137 against (with 72 abstaining), well over the majority required. The vote culminates a process that began in September when the president won parliamentary support for a second term. The new commission was...
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