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Chapter 1 Free movement of goods
Chapter 2 Freedom of movement for persons
Chapter 3 Freedom to provide services
Chapter 4 Free movement of capital
Chapter 5 Company law
Chapter 6 Competition policy
Chapter 7 Agriculture
Chapter 8 Fisheries
Chapter 9 Transport policy
Chapter 10 Taxation
Chapter 11 Economic and monetary union
Chapter 12 Statistics
Chapter 13 Social policy and employment
Chapter 14 Energy
Chapter 15 Industrial policy
Chapter 16 Small and medium-sized undertakings
Chapter 17 Science and research
Chapter 18 Education and training
Chapter 19 Telecommunications and information technologies
Chapter 20 Culture and audio-visual policy
Chapter 21 Regional policy and co-ordination of structural instruments
Chapter 22 Environment
Chapter 23 Consumers and health protection
Chapter 24 Co-operation in the fields of justice and home affairs
Chapter 25 Customs union
Chapter 26 External relations
Chapter 27 Common foreign and security policy
Chapter 28 Financial control
Chapter 29 Financial and budgetary provisions
Chapter 30 Institutions
Chapter 31 Other

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