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Gateway EUROPE – About us; Code of Ethics

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Gateway EUROPE – About us; Code of Ethics

Gateway "Europe" ( created in 2003 provides information and analyses concerning the European policies and the Bulgarian participation in them and also mediates in the debate about the purposes and the directions of the social development.

The Bulgarian membership in EU represents a challenge for the capacity of the institutions. Gateway "Europe" performs a permanent monitoring and analyses of their activities thus supporting their effectiveness -which is in favor of the civil society.

Gateway "Europe" - Code of ethics

Our MISSION is to contribute to the Bulgarian society and institutions in the process of integration of the country into the European union.

One of the WAYS to achieve this purpose is to ensure full transparency in all the aspects of this process. Through this, the citizens will be able to play, as they deserve, an active and informed role in the modernization of the society.

Our AIM is to assist the society to obtain complete information on the European Union, its enlargement and Bulgaria.

Gateway "Europe" endeavours to provide to its readers:

  • Many-sided information on the issues covered;
  • Information clearly distinct from the comments, analyses and forecasts;
  • Right of answer to persons and organizations mentioned in or concerned by our publications;
  • Search for the alternative opinion.

Gateway "Europe" indicates the origin of the information published and always makes it clear if it is not verified; and meanwhile we never reveal our confidential sources, in case that they have not wished it.

Gateway "Europe" adopts an independent editorial policy.

Gateway "Europe" shares the principles of the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media.

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Letters to the editor are sent here.

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