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Europe 2020 – Civic Visions

What will Europe be like in 10 years? What are your expectations for the development of the place in which we live together and about the way in which we, the European citizens will live? What has to change in the European Union in the following decade, so that Europe in 2020 measures up more closely to our expectations as citizens? How should it change? What are your personal and specific dimensions for European solidarity and in what way do we achieve it?

Social policy, labour market, free movement, education and youth, cultural diversity and European identity, democracy, bureaucracy, personal rights... Everybody has his/her own opinion about the way each of these notions should look like in 10 years.

Share it!

Here is your space in the internet where you have the opportunity to define your ideas about Europe of tomorrow. We encourage European citizens, no matter where they are right now, to show their vigour and to try and define „Europe 2020 – Civic Visions“ together. 

This is how the international conference which gathered dozens of experts from civic organizations, university scholars, members of European Parliament and students from various EU Member States on January 29 and 30, 2010 in Sofia was called. They, together with the team of the Interacting with the European Parliament Initiative, shared the way they see Europe in 2020, and their arguments for the way in which the European Union is to develop in the following decade.

The exchange of opinions, recommendations, ideas, conclusions and questions continues. It is your turn now! 

Join the discussion — chose a topic and debate it with the other participants. 

The European Institute, the Centre for Policy Modernization and EUROPE Gateway facilitate your participation through, where together with the discussion forum, we have provided an outline of the higlights from the "Europe 2020 — Civic Visions" conference in images, sound and text.

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