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cbc / Funded Projects

21-10-2008 • cbc / Funded Projects

Municipality of Polski Trambesh

cbc / Funded Projects


Beneficiary: Industrial Association – Vidin
cbc / Funded Projects

Project “Mapping natural, historical and ecological resources suitable for tourism development and drafting of Common strategy for development of alternative tourism in the District of Pleven and the Prefecture of Olt” BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Perpetuum-mobile Foundation, Pleven

cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Polski Trumbesh and Lehliu-Gara – partnership for local cross border economic development" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Polski Trambesh
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Historical and cultural heritage - base for tourist development of Montana and Caracal" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Association of employment, training and alternative social activities-Montana BG
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "50 splendid sites along the Danube” BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "MONTANA AND CALAFAT – TOMORROW" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Montana-Tomorrow Foundation
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Religious Monuments of Dobrudzha: Identification and Legitimatizing" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Regional Museum of History - Silistra
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Enlarging of vocational and cultural exchange between students on both sides of the river DANUBE" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Vocational School for Garment and Catering – Vidin
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Planning and designing Bulgarian-Romanian RURAL MARKETS. The “Rural market”" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vratsa

cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Logistic center to serve the cross border interests" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Montana
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Development of the partnership between Chuprene and Calafat" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Chuprene
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Development centre for elaboration of effective models for cultural tourism in the region of KAVARNA AND CONSTANTIA" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: The Town Museum of Kavarna
cbc / Funded Projects

Project " Encouraging of the cross-border cooperation between SMEs for sustainable development of tourism on both sides of the border" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Community Centre Budnina, Vidin
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Increasing the public environmental awareness in the cross-border region between Vidin and Craiova and enhancing the youth involvement and cross-border cooperation in environmental activities" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Development of Cultural Heritage Foundation - Vidin

cbc / Funded Projects

Project "The cooperation and partnership – a key for common development" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Belene

cbc / Funded Projects

Project "BRIDGE (Bulgarian-Romanian Initiative for Democracy as a Guard-post of Europe)" BG2005/017 455.

Beneficiary: "Angel Kanchev" University of Rousse, represented by BRIE
cbc / Funded Projects

Project “Integrated Cross-border Tourism – The Future of Tourism in Nikopol and Turnu Magurele” BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Municipality of Nikopol
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Cooperation for Development of Agriculture in the Trans-border Region" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Association of Danube River Municipalities "Danube"
cbc / Funded Projects


Beneficiary: Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School - Vidin
cbc / Funded Projects

Project “The Muppet Play – a Successful Model of Developing and Promoting a Cultural Product Across European Borders and Audiences” BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Muppet Theatre of Vidin
cbc / Funded Projects

Project "Capacity Building of Small Business in Silistra and Calarasi Regions After Accession into the European Union" BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Microfond Sofia Foundation-branch Silistra
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