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Fifth place in essay contest - Ivan Iliev

32 year old councillor in Sofia City Council, Chair of the Engineering Infrastructure Committee and Air Traffic Controller in Approach Control Unit Sofia

EP 2009 Vote: Beyond the Sugar Cubes

Another year of elections. Another year of hope? – May be - for those who know why, for those who care! What should be known? – One thing only – it depends on us and our choice. What is it? – It’s what we call democracy! How? – in direct elections. What for? – members of the only governing body in EU elected directly by people!

Is it so important one may ask? Yes it is.  Is it so far from our daily routines? No it’s not. On this choice depends our lives, our future. It’s so simple! You want environmental protection – be careful who you choose! You are consumer – problems with your rights in EU? – check your government – no response? – EU MP shall help! Policies and legislation in all life aspects: transport, labor, services and goods, budget of EU etc. It is up to you! One may say we are too small to have influence – it could be right! We are too small if we can’t see the opportunity – it is a chance given twice a decade! Does it worth to miss – could be critical! We are responsible for our lives, our parent’s and children’s lives. Years ahead.  We are part of a bigger family. No matter what we think, we are responsible for it as we require it’s responsibility. You can’t demand only to take – therefore you should give. A quarter of hour should you spend to go, choose and vote? And lot’s of thinking as well. But isn’t it the thinking that we differ from the animals?  Yes but not only for ourselves and not only for today. If we want one better tomorrow - then we have to decide. We’ve been given a chance – it’s not “To be or not to be?” – it is now “How it should be done!”. We shall decide. It is a small step of ours and great step of Europe’s!

Sit and rest! Think! Take a cup of tee and drink! Isn’t it better with a sugar cube? Is it only about the cube? Could be – different people, different tastes! But it is more, it is beyond! Beyond the sugar cubes. It’s Europe….  

2009: Election
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