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Ifri and LSE open a new programme on South East Europe

South East Europe Ifri-LSE!

The research programme is focused on the region of South East Europe as understood by the European Union and the scope of the research covers the academic disciplines of economics, political science, international relations and social policy. It is sponsored by the Latsis Foundation.

South East Europe Ifri-LSE aims to develop policy knowledge and expertise on current conditions in South East Europe and to make this available to a target audience of relevant policy-makers and leaders, both within the region and at the European Union level.

The programme is a collaborative venture combining the strengths of Ifri and LSE to deliver high quality research, policy-relevant outputs, and effective public dissemination.

South East Europe Ifri-LSE began on 1 October 2009 and will be multi-annual.

The programme has a number of inter-related objectives:

  • To develop high quality research that makes an original contribution to current policy debates;
  • To foster the development of cooperative networks between IFRI, LSE and partners in South East Europe, serving to build up relevant research and educational capital within the region;
  • To disseminate and engage target audiences in the work and outputs of the research programme; including, most notably, those with direct engagement with policy and planning on South East Europe, both at a local and an EU level.

Concretely, the programme will focus in its first year on the topics energy poverty, as well as public policy. Two external calls have been published and are available on:

For additional details, please see here:

For further Information:

Susanne Nies/ Adélaïde Boodts

Ifri Bruxelles/ Ifri Brussels
tél: +32 2 238 51 10 . fax: +32 2 238 51 15
21 rue Marie-Thérèse, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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