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The Civic Vision for Europe in 2020 will be Presented in Brussels on Tuesday and Wednesday

Five MEPs will take part in events, organised by the European Institute, the Centre for Policy Modernisation and Europe Gateway in Brussels on 13 and 14 of April.

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek has sent a special video message , addressing the participants in the presentations of the book Europe 2020 - Civic Vision, which will be held in Brussels, Paris and Milan in April.

The first presentation will take place on April 13, Tuesday, 3 - 4.30 p.m. EET in Room JAN 6Q1 of EP in Brussels. Maria Nedelcheva, MEP (EPP-GERB) will host the event which will take place in French and Bulgarian. The event will be carried out with the support of Member of EP Vladimir Urutchev (EPP-GERB). Special guest of the discussion will be Pascale Gruny, Chair of the Working Group for the European Social Fund at the European Parliament.

"Europe's Place in the World in 2020" is the theme of the second event, organised by the project team in Brussels - it will take place on April 14, Wednesday, again 3 - 4.30 p.m. EET - a Vоxbox discussion which will be broadcast live on Europe Gateway. The discussion will take place with the cooperation of MEP Kristian Vigenin (S&D - BSP). The debate will be held in English with the participation of the member of the EPP group in the Committee of Regions Bureau Vladimir Kisiov. Special guest of the discussion will be the Vice-Chair of the ALDE Group in EP, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (Germany).

Europe 2020 - Civic Vision will also be presented during a round-table in Paris: the event will be carried out on April 22 at 11.30. a.m.  local time. Partners of the event will be EP information offices in France and Bulgaria and Special guest of the discussion in Paris will be MEP Metin Kazak (ALDE - MRF). The debate will take place in French with the participation of Alain Barrau and Violeta Stanichich - heads of EP information offices for France and Bulgaria, respectively. Guillaume Jobin, President of the French School of Journalism (ESJ) in Paris will also participate in the discussion.

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