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Presentation of the book “EU 2020: civic vision” on Thursday in Paris

EU enlargement will be the main theme of the round table on April 22 in Paris, where the book "EU 2020: CIVIC VISION" will be presented.

The event will start at 11.30am local time (12.30pm - Bulgarian time), in the hall of the Information Office of the European Parliament in Paris - 288, Saint Germain Blvd.

The round table is organised by the Bulgarian foundations "European Institute", "Centre for Policy Modernisation" and the online media Europe Gateway in cooperation with the information offices of the European Parliament in Paris and Sofia, and the French online media for European policy Ms Laura Dagg, Chief Editor of, will be moderator of the round table, which will be held in French.

Participants in the event will be Elvire Fabry from "Notre Europe", the director of the EP Information Office in France, Alain Barrau (ex-MEP), and representatives of the initiative "Interaction with the European Parliament", which product is the book "EU 2020: CIVIC VISION".

The director of the European Institute Foundation, Ms Lubov Panayotova, will talk about the process, the trends and insights as result of Bulgaria's participation to the EU, as well as the European perspectives for the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The president of the University for Journalism ((Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris - ESJ), Mr Guillaume Jobin, will speak about the future enlargement and in particular - about Turkey's place in the Union.

The idea behind the round table is to search for the similarities and differences in the view point, and the expectations of the new member states citizens and the ones from the founder-states. International students in journalism from the ESJ, will also take part. They will debate "yes" or "no" for the future enlargement, and why; how they imagine the future of the EU and how this vision could be realized within 2020.

During the forthcoming weeks, through the virtual platform on the Bulgarian MEP from (ALDE - Bulgaria), Metin Kazak will take part. He is author of the report trade and economic relations between EU and Turkey, which will be discussed in the Parliament Commission on 28 April. Ms Violeta Stanicic, director of the EP information office in Bulgaria, will also take part. They both had to be in Paris but due to the air-traffic condition in Europe they had to cancel their part in the round table. Video-records of the event will be published on Europe Gateway for the audience.

"Interacting with the European Parliament" is being implemented by the European Insititue Foundation and its partners, with the financial support of DG "Communication" at the EP. Similar discussions were held in Brussels in the beginning of April; they put stress on the role of the EU for the external policy, and the European social policy.

‘Europe 2020 - Civic Vision'

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