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Europe 2020 - civic vision: all the links related to the events in Brussels and Paris

In April 2010, the team of the project "Interacting with the European Parliament" organized a series of public events in Brussels and in Paris in order to promote the book "Europe 2020 - Civic vision", which represents a summary of this two year-long communication campaign.

Europe Gateway is summarizing for its readers the basic links of publications - videos, audios, picture galleries, texts, thematic radiobroadcasts, etc. - from the public events in Brussels and in Paris.

Europe Gateway - which, together with the European Institute Foundation and the Center for Policy Modernization - is implementing the project "Interacting with the EP" with EP's financial support through DG "Communication" is grateful to all its partners and friends, who contributed to carrying out the events and their media promotion!

Note to English-speaking readers: the majority of the links lead to publications in Bulgarian language. Please, scroll down to the bottom of each to chose another linguistic version by clicking on the respective flag. Thank you.

The background

Welcome address by EP President H.E. Jerzy Buzek.
 - Video recording and script (En, Bg, Fr, It).
- Picture gallery Buzek's visit to Bulgaria on 03.03.2010, featuring European Institute directors officially inviting the President to attend the book's promotion in Brussels.

 The book "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision" (Bg, Eng, Fr, It).

The international conference in Sofia in January 2010 - special guest Doris Pack (de) - Chairwoman of EP's Committee on Culture and Education.
 - Full roundup

- The conclusions from the conference
- Speech by Doris Packо - video (En, Bg).
- Speech by Doris Pack - text (En).

 - Radio Bulgaria: a thematic radio broadcast following the conference (En, Bg, Fr, De).

A series of TV reportages from Brussels by PROBG

Special reports by PROBG's Viktoria Angelova and Georgi Angelov - media partners of the initiative:
- "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision" featuring MEPS Pascale Gruny, Lubov Panayotova, Mariya Nedelcheva and Vladimir Urutchev as well as Bulgarian students
-The Parliament's VoxBox - a place for free exchange of opinions between citizens and the elected, featuring MEP Kristian Vigenin and Bulgarian students
- The agriculture subsidies in the EU featuring Mariya Nedelcheva (BG) and Albert Dess (DE) and EU Commissioner Dacian Ciolos (RO).
- The Greek scenario and the enrozone, featuring MEPS Ivaylo Kalfin, Iliana Ivanova and Nadezhda Neinsky.
- The access to the EU labor market for the Bulgarian citizens, featuring MEP Iliana Ivanova (BG).
- Interview on urban issues with Sofia Municipal Councelor Vladimir Kissiov in the heart of the European capital Brussels.

- Portrait of a Bulgarian MEP - Vladimir Urutchev.

- Interview with EP Vice President Diana Wallis.

- The Bulgarian TV channel PROBG in the EP's TV-studio. The making of...

A series of four mini-debates, recorded at the EP television studio in Brussels, on topical European issues, featuring MEPS Iliana Iotova and Prof. Vladko Panayotov, EI Director Lubov Panayotova and CPM expert Tihomira Trifonova - editor of the book "Europe 2020 - civic vision".

- (May 10) "The indtustry and the environment - friends or rivals in Europe of tomorrow?"

- (May 17) "Europe in 10 years - the citizens' expectations"

- (May 31) "The petitions; the Citizens' Initiative"

- (June 7) "The MEPs work and its impact on our daily lives".

 - More from PROBG:

- Bulgarian MEPs about Europe's economic future - Andrey Kovachev, Nadezhda Neinsky, Ivaylo Kalfin.

Public events in Brussels

 - First public presentation of the book with the participation of Pascale Gruny (Fr), Mariya Nedelcheva and Vladimir Uruthev (Bg).
- Video.
- Аudio.
- Picture gallery.
- Regional press articles; Special report (En, Fr).
 - Video recording Speech by Pascale Gruny (Fr).
- Special interview with EP Vice President Diana Wallis.
 - VoxBox Discussion on the European foreign policy with MEP Kristian Vigenin (Bg) and CoR member Vladimir Kissiov: available in Bg, En and Fr.
- Video.
- Аudio.
- Picture gallery.
- Reportage; Special reportage (En, Fr).
 - "Радио България": Тhematic radiobroadcast (text and audio in Bg, En, Fr, De).

Brussels - a follow-up...

 - Radio log: Traveling under the dark cloud of volcanic ash: by Delian Zaharier (En).
- PROBG: a reportage by Victoria Angelova and Georgi Lazarov from a long trip by coach across Europe.


Public events in Paris

 - Round table "The Enlargement and EU 2020 - civic vision" with EI director Lubov Panayotova, Europe Gateway's chief editor Ognian Boyadjiev, Figaro former chief editor Аlain Dauvergne, EP information bureau for France head Alain Barrau, Notre Europe reseracher Elvire Fabry, ESJ president Guillaume Jobin and students: available in Fr, Bg, En.
- Video.
- Photo gallery.
- Reportage; Special reportage (Fr, En).

 - "Radio Bulgaria": Тhematic radiobroadcast (text and audio in Bg, En, Fr, De), featuring, among others, former French European affairs minister Pierre Moscovisi, current MP.

The vision for Europe's future is an ongoing process - do not hesitate to join the pan-European debate through the project's website, its objective being to encourage the civic participation.
Email for readers' comments or through the Facebook-page of Europe Gateway.

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