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Best way to stop Roma exclusion

Bulgarian MEP ( BG/EPP) and ex minister of Foreign Affairs, Nadezhda Neynsky (Mikh¬aylova), made last week a proposal, to support the Roma in their effort to integrate in the European societies, reports the New Europe. The new idea was presented and discussed with the European Peoples Party leadership, ahead of the party's summit in view of the European Council. Mm Neynsky said that, a lot of EU resources devoted to Roma are spent through NGOs and our experience has shown that those finance have being largely mismanaged and the channels used to realize the relevant programs proved incompetent, to say the least.

On top of this the traditional "leaders" of Roma in many countries have not interest to help their people to integrate in societies, through regular employment and schooling, because after some years of a successful application of such initiatives they, the "leaders" will be left with very few "subjects". So there is enough evidence to support a change in the entire strategy behind the policies we are following in favor of the Roma.
Since the target remains to integrate them in our societies, there is no better platform to achieve this than through facilitating their search for stable employment, says Nadezhda Neynsky. And there is not better place for Roma to work than in small and medium enterprises and artisans. The SMEs and the artisans are the best placed employers to take aboard Roma people in fully insured and regulated employment.

The idea is that in most SMEs the management is quite close to the employs and can help and easily train them on the job. To this effect the SMEs and the artisans should be greatly supported in employing and training Roma and the bulk of the EU and national resources should be directed to such programs.

Then regular schooling for the young will follow, after the fixed establishment of the family. This proposal by the Bulgarian MEP made a tremendous impression to the EPP leadership and the party will certainly get it further to the European institutions for elaboration and application. Truly it is stable employment and schooling that can put a stop to the Roma exclusion.

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