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Video recording - presentation in Brussels of "Europe 2020 - Civic Vision"

On April 13, 2010 took place in the Brussels building of the European Parliament, a public presentation of the book "Europe 2020 - Civic Visions".

The event was organized by the European Institute Foundation, the center for Policy Modernization and Europe Gateway, within the project "Interacting with the European Parliament", implemented by those Bulgarian NGOs with the financial support of EP's DG "Communication".

The book was presented by European Institute director Lubov Panayotova. She explained that it summarizes the conclusions of the two-year long communication campaign "Interacting with the EP", and that it follows a big international brainstorm-conference on Europe's future, held in Sofia in January 2010.

Bulgarian MEP Mariya Nedelcheva, who was co-organizer of the public presentation, stressed on the importance of the civic participation in the policy-making and drafting of the strategy for the EU's development in the future.

French MEP Pascale Gruny was special guest to the event. In her statement, she stressed on the vital necessity for more dialogue between the citizens and the elected representatives.

Bulgarian MEP Vladimir Urutchev, who was also host and parther of the event, made the final conclusion of the discussion, pointing out the key factors for the energy issues of the European Union.

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