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The Grant Scheme is in line with the PHARE Joint Programming Document Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria – Romania (2000 – 2006).

With a view to strengthening the cooperation in border regions, Bulgaria and Romania decided to start the implementation of a Joint Small Projects Fund (JSPF) in 2000.

Including JSPF in the programme is a logical step forward in the overall context of Bulgaria and Romania EU accession and particularly in developing cross-border cooperation and the evolution of the PHARE CBC as a part of the pre-accession process.

The current grant scheme will fund the so-called “soft” measures: business cooperation; enterprise development; technology transfer and marketing for small and medium enterprises; training; employment; measures for cultural and health care exchange; improving information flow and communication between border regions.

The main objective of JSPF is to support small scale “people-to-people” projects and “soft” measures for local development involving local bodies from the border regions.

The key objectives of the Joint Small Projects Fund of PHARE CBC Programme are to support Bulgarian and Romanian local actors from border regions in developing, managing and implementing projects with explicit cross-border effect, to enhance awareness and cooperation, to form partnership and create networks for cooperation on both sides of the border. JSPF will fund small scale actions in the following priority areas:
  • Economic Development
  • Environment  
  • Tourism
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Local Democracy
  • Planning and Development Studies
The current contract is a part of a project which has the following overall objectives:
  • Gaining experience and practical skills in management of grant contracts by the grant beneficiaries;
  • Indirect contribution to preparation of Bulgarian central and regional authorities for putting structural funds into use;
  • Increasing the capacity for development and implementation of measures in the field sustainable development on regional and local level. Meanwhile the authorities need to gain experience by implementing measures in line with EU Structural funds rules and practices.  
 The immediate objectives of the contract are:
  • Providing for the institutional and administrative building of the beneficiaries for implementation and monitoring of the activities in the individual contracts through consultations, training and designing of all documents needed;
  •  Organizing active campaign explaining to the grant beneficiary about the requirements of the Implementing Agency, including: holding information days, strengthening the functions of the Technical Secretariat in Silistra in supporting the grant beneficiaries in the process of implementation of the projects, preparation and distribution of information materials;
  • Assisting the Implementing Agency in the implementation and monitoring of the project grant scheme;
  • Providing training, support and consultations to the grant beneficiaries in order to secure the correct implementation of the projects funded.

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4, Triadiza Str., 4th floor
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone/Fax: 02 981 47 38, 02 981 63 48

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