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Project “The Muppet Play – a Successful Model of Developing and Promoting a Cultural Product Across European Borders and Audiences” BG2005/017-455.

Beneficiary: Muppet Theatre of Vidin 

Overall objective: to foster culture and cross border cooperation in the field of culture between the regions of Vidin and Kalafat. 

Specific objectives:

  • To create a model – a joint muppet play between Bulgarian and Romanian theatre artists; 
  • To encourage and support the development of muppet art in the cross border region of Vidin and kalafat; 
  • To provede information of the ways a cultural product should be developed, financed and promoted. 
  • To create sustainable relations in the field of culture between artists, government officials and business in the cross border region; 
  • To facilitate the way of local Bulgarian and Romanian artists to the European stage and market through better understanding and application of funding and promotion mechanisms.  

Target groups:

  • The staff of the Muppet Theatre of Vidin; 
  • The staff of Museum of Art and Ethnography of Kalafat; 
  • Participants in the two seminars that will get acquainted with good practices of funding and promoting cultural products and establish contacts; 
  • Children, parents and residents of the cross border region that will attend the muppet show. 

Final beneficiaries:

  • Artists and cultural activists from cross border region of Vidin and Kalafat who will use the model of development and promotion of the muppet play to create and disseminate common cultural products. Local artists will greatly benefit from yhe activities of the Centre for Promotion of Culture whose major task will be to foster cultural initiatives at cross border level; 
  • Residents of the two municipalities that will enjoy an environment of strong cultural ties and activity; 
  • The two municipalities of Vidin and Kalafat for the additional opportunities for cultural and economic development that will arise as a result of project implementation; 
  • The youngest audience of the region – asa a result of intebsified activity of the Muppet Theatre of Vidin, children will be able to see and enjoy a broeader spectre of plays with amusing characters and plots; 
  • Other cultural institutions in neighbouring municipalities and regions will transfer good practice of the project to their activity and development strategies. 

Main activities:

  • Activity 1 System for Project Organisatin and Implementation; 
  • Activity 2 Formation of Centre for Culture Promotion Vidin-Klafat; 
  • Activity 3 Creation of the Cross Border Muppet Play; 
  • Activity 4 Premiere of the Muppet Play; 
  • Activity 5 Survey on European Cultural Programmes end Events; 
  • Activity 6 catalogue of EU Good Practices in Developing and Promoting Cultural Products; 
  • Activity 7 Discussion Seminars; 
  • Activity 8 Promotion of the project; 
  • Activity 9 Operational and Financial Management. 


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