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Monitoring report on the state of preparedness for EU membership of Bulgaria and Romania

In 2002, the European Council announced its objective was to welcome Bulgaria and Romania into European Union in 2007, provided they made sufficient progress in fulfilling the membership criteria. Accession negotiations were completed in December 2004. The Accession Treaty1 was signed in April 2005. To date, the Treaty has been ratified by Bulgaria, Romania and 21 Member States. Ratification is underway in the remaining four Member States. The Treaty states that Bulgaria and Romania will accede on 1 January 2007 unless the Council decides, upon a recommendation from the Commission, to postpone the accession of either country until 1 January 2008.

In its report of May 20062, the Commission stated that both countries should be prepared for membership by 1 January 2007, provided that they addressed a number of outstanding issues. The Commission indicated that it would report again on the state of preparedness of both countries by early October.

This report outlines the Commission's assessment of both countries' progress since May 2006. It confirms that Bulgaria and Romania have made further progress to complete their preparations for membership, demonstrating their capacity to apply EU principles and legislation from 1 January 2007. They have reached a high degree of alignment. However, the Commission also identifies a number of areas of continuing concern, and also areas where the Commission will initiate appropriate measures to ensure the proper functioning of the EU, unless the countries take immediate corrective action. Both countries are strongly encouraged to make proper use of the months before accession, in order to address the remaining issues.

1 The Accession Treaty consists of the Treaty between ail current member states and Bulgaria and
Romania, the Protocol concerning the conditions and arrangements for admission of both
countries and the Act concerning the conditions of accession and the adjustment of Treaties on
which the Union is founded.
2 Commission Communication 2006/214 ofI6 May 2006.

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