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The solidarity in the EU – shared responsibility for development: Video recordings from the Europe 2020 - Civic Visions international conference

Here are the key conclusions from the work in Panel 3:

Panel 3 – Conclusions

The results from discussions in Panel 3 reflect some of the main recommendations on the part of the civic organizations’ representatives as for EU’s long-term development, particularly in the following aspects:

1. There is a need for reform of the European employment policy, including the institutions which implement it, for achieving the social Europe, which should follow its economic and political dimension;

2. One of the useful steps in this path is the grant of more competences and duties for the Economic and Social Committee, beyond its present consultative functions;

3. There is a need to present social cohesion as a priority within the new strategy, Europe 2020, to reaffirm the construction of a social Europe;

4. It is useful to discuss the refocus of the solidarity policies towards concentrated investments in fields with growth potential, considering the new EU financial perspective;

5. Until 2020, the role of the local and regional authorities should be increased in the European context, and local and regional partnerships should be encouraged;

6. There should be created flexible security in the employment market and should be practically applied the principle of gender equality, including:
• Unification of the employment market conditions;
• Guaranteed freedom of migration within the work mobility;

7. Carrying out of measure for fight against poverty through financial inclusion should be continued and so should be the extension of the scope and extent of these measures, including the formulation of:
• Minimal standards as a base for the social security;
• Minimal standards for the quality of life;

8. The European Union in 2020 will be a reaffirmed factor on the global scene as a global player with reinforced political dimension, parallel to the economic one, and it will be lead by strict principles in that direction, including:
• The enlargement as the most convincing expression of EU’s solidarity;
• Attitude towards Russia consisting in a partnership for development, rather than competition for influence;
• Completing the stages of development of the EU Eastern partnership and reaffirming the European perspective for the Eastern neighbours of the EU.

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