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Mr. João Sant'Anna: The European Democracy is possible, it is real

The closing speech of Mr. João Sant'Anna – Head of the Legal Department of the European Ombudsman - to the "Europe 2020 - Civic Visions" international conference, held in Sofia in January 2010.

Mr. Sant`Anna was special guest to the International conference “Europe 2020 – Civic Visions”, held in Sofia on January 29-30, 2010, within the “Interacting with the European Parliament” project, financially supported by the EP through DG “Communication”.

Mr. João Sant'Anna is a former civil servant of the European Parliament, working in the Directorates-General for Information and Public Relations, for Research, for Personnel and Finance, and finally, in the Legal Service of the European Parliament. He joined the European Ombudsman's Office as Head of the Administration and Finance Department in 2000. He was appointed Head of the Legal Department on 1 July 2007. In this function, he manages and leads the Department in its complaint-handling activities. The Head of the Legal Department also advises the Ombudsman on the legal strategy and direction of the institution and fulfils representative functions.

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